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Iranian regime’s media empire in the Middle East

Dec 18th, 2017

Hassan Dai, 4 December 2017
More than 200 radio and satellite TV stations, together with tens of newspapers and hundreds of websites constitute Iran’s media empire across the Islamic world, predominantly in the Middle Eastern countries. A large number of these media outlets are affiliated with Iran’s proxies and are under the direct control of Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force. This propaganda machine promotes the Iranian regime’s fundamentalist ideology and plays a pivotal role in Iran’s multi-pronged strategy to dominate the region.

The West must be wary of Iran’s global business ‘diplomacy’

Sep 21st, 2017

First published in the
Hassan Dai, September 2017
The Iranian regime uses its relation with Western businesses and especially the oil giants as a leverage to shape European and American policies toward Iran. As Iran continues to pursue its hegemonic policy in the Middle East and uses its proxy militias to dominate the region, it will use these business dealings to shield itself from future sanctions and harsher Western policies toward Iran.

Iran sponsored “Muslim Congress” in Dallas, August 18-20

Aug 9th, 2017

Hassan Dai, 8 August 2017
The 13th Annual “Muslim Congress” will be held in Dallas, TX on Aug 18-20th. This is an Iranian sponsored initiative launched in 2005 to disseminate the regime’s ideology, promote its agenda and recruit pro-Tehran supporters within the American Muslim community. There are nearly a dozen Islamic centers and mosques in the US that are tied to the Iranian regime and the “Muslim Congress” is a national event designed to gather pro-Tehran Muslim from across the US.

Atlantic Council event promotes Iranian regime misinformation campaign

Jul 28th, 2017

Hassan Dai, 28 July 2017
The fake public opinion poll presented at the Atlantic Council reflects the regime’s talking points and is designed to provide necessary materials for pro-Tehran advocates in Washington to oppose the Congressional sanctions and the new administration’s tough policy toward Tehran.

How Trita Parsi and NIAC Advance Iran’s Agenda

Jul 7th, 2017

Hassan Dai, 1 July 2017
First published by Tablet
Since its creation in 2002, NIAC has dedicated most of its activities and resources to ease the pressure off the Iranian regime and helped Tehran to advance its strategic goals.

Tehran intends to exploit anti-Trump sentiments

May 10th, 2017

Hassan Dai, April 17, 2017
First published in The Hill
A number of current and former diplomats and foreign policy advisors with experience in dealing with the US are asking the government to exploit anti-Trump sentiments and utilize political divisions in Washington. These recommendations are inspired by Iran’s past successful experiences, notably during the Bush administration when Tehran established good relations with politicians who opposed Bush policies and was able to work with segments of the anti-war movement to influence public opinion and shape US policy toward Tehran.

On Iran, President Trump is sending mixed signals

Apr 15th, 2017

Hassan Dai, March 2017, The Hill
Trump administration has sent some signals that could be interpreted as the continuation of President Obama’s conciliatory approach toward Iran… Trump cannot say it is going to be tougher on Iran and at the same time join with the Russians in Syria. The two are mutually exclusive… If Trump ignores Tehran’s quest for domination in the Middle East, he will take the United States to where Obama was headed—just more quickly.”

Don’t get fooled again by Iran

Apr 15th, 2017

Hassan Dai, February 2017, The Hill
The call to engage Iran and empower the so-called “moderates” is one of the most persistent policy positions in Washington and will get louder in coming weeks as we approach the Iranian Presidential “elections”

Iranian regime’s Achilles Heel

Feb 10th, 2017

Hassan Dai, February 10, 2017
Iranian political and military leadership has repeatedly declared that the Revolutionary Guard’s primary mission is to fight against domestic threats as the regime considers popular uprisings as the most fundamental threat to its survival

Iran’s game plan in Afghanistan

Jan 19th, 2017

Hassan Dai, 19 January 2017
Iran’s support to Taliban aims to weaken US military presence in Afghanistan, eventually forcing its withdrawal. Iran is also using Taliban as a counter balance to the presence of ISIS in the country. But Iran has a broader goal to secure its zone of influence in Farsi speaking and Shiite regions of Afghanistan. In this context, the Revolutionary Guards’ Afghan units like Fatemiyoun that has gained enormous battlefield experience in Syria, could be used as an important leverage in a civil war torn Afghanistan and help Iran to add part of Afghanistan to its “Shi’ite crescent” stretching to the Mediterranean Sea.