Hassan Nasrallah: Iranian leaders sacrifice national interests for the sake of Islamic nation

Oct 25th, 2015

On October 24, Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Hezbollah addressed thousands of followers in Beirut on the occasion of Shiite ceremony Ashura.

Iranian state Press TV aired the ceremony.  Nasrallah criticized the Lebanese political coalition that opposes Hezbollah bullying and declared: (Press TV translation)

“Over the past two years, you have been waiting the outcome of talks over Iran nuclear program. We told you not to wait. In Vienna or elsewhere, the issue of  government or presidency in Lebanon will not be discussed. However, you have bad intentions. Hence, the discussions about Iranian nuclear program ended, the agreement took place and now, they are headed toward its implementation.

What has changed for you? Has the Islamic Republic of Iran sold us our for the sake of nuclear program? Not at all.

As I have said before and I repeat today, Imam Khamenei (Iran Supreme Leader), the wise and courageous leader and our brothers in Iran, they are higher and more honorable than to sell out a friend or an ally for the sake of Iranian interests here or there. They sacrifice their national interests for the sake and interests of Ummah (Islamic nation). That’s is their stance toward Israel and their stance on Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and fight against Israel.”

Nasrallah vehemently attacked the US, the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and reiterated support to Palestinians in their fight against Israel.

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