Iranian Regime’s Quest to Dominate the Middle East

May 15th, 2015

A Documentary by Iranian-American Forum

A short documentary on Iran’s 36 years long strategy to export Islamic fundamentalism and dominate the region: How Hezbollah and other proxy militias were created, the crusade against US and Israel, intervention in Syria and de facto military occupation of Shiite regions in Iraq

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  1. This is a documentary based on facts and quotes of Iranian regime’s officials. It clearly shows that from day one of Mullahs coming to power in Iran by hijacking Iranian revolution of 1979, they had the intention of exporting their fundamentalism outside Iranian borders. How could Obama and rest of Western leaders just ignore all these? When the regime is laud and clear in its intention on establishing an Islamic fundamentalist empire, why is the dominating foreign policy of these countries still appeasement policy towards bunch of terrorist Mullahs?
    Shame on Obama and rest of them!

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