Steinmeir fails in Tehran, Zarif attacks Saudis

Oct 17th, 2015

According to German officials, mediation between Iran and Saudis was one of Steinmeir’s main agenda for his trip to Tehran. Frank-Walter Steinmeir, the German Foreign minister has visited Tehran and met with Rouhani, Larijani and Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign minister to find common grounds between two countries in Yemen, Bahrein, and Syria.

During a press conference, the relationship between Tehran and Riyadh was brought up by a reporter, asking Zarif about the issue.

In response, Zarif attacked Saudis directly and accused Riyadh of supporting terrorism in the Middle East.

We will never let Saudis eliminate Iranian regime in the region. Saudis efforts to eliminate Iran, has caused bloodshed in this region and must be stopped.

Zarif’s statements in the press conference led analysts to call Steinmeir’s travel to Iran an obvious failure. Meanwhile, the Iranian regime pushes its troops’ deployments into Syria.

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