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Steinmeir fails in Tehran, Zarif attacks Saudis

Oct 17th, 2015

Today, in a press conference in Tehran, Zarif attacks Saudi Arabia as Frank-Walter Steinmeir tries to mediate between two countries. Analysts see Steinmeir’s travel to Iran a failure.

Five reasons Saudi attack on Yemen is a turning point in the Middle East

Apr 6th, 2015

Keyvan Kaboli, April 6, 2015
This is the first time in the last 30 years that a decisive and operating coalition is being formed against the Iranian regime in the Middle East. All Arab countries except Oman have participated and contributed to this coalition.

Iran keeps regional policy unchanged

Nov 2nd, 2013

Nov 2, 2013
Iranian regime escalates its rhetoric against Saudi Arabia in parallel with anti-US propaganda. IRGC issued a statement on Saturday on what it calls the National Day against the Global Arrogance…