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Leading organizer of Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest is a Partner of the German Federal Government

Jun 6th, 2016

Majid Mollanoroozi, Director of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and Visual Arts Director at the Iranian “Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance” gave out the awards to the winners. The German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier chose Mollanoroozi to be a partner of a cultural project of the German government,

Zarif’s lie about Supreme Leader’s position on Holocaust angers MPs

Nov 3rd, 2013

Hassan Dai, 11.3.2013
Zarif had told ABC that Supreme Leader was mistranslated and never called Holocaust a myth. MPs asked Zarif why he lied. The Leader has repeatedly called Holocaust a myth. Zarif told MPs the best way to answer questions about Holocaust is to avoid speaking about Holocaust itself and instead ask why Palestinians should pay the price for the killings of people in world war II