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Evolution of Pro-Iran lobby under Obama, from a pressure group to a White House partner

Nov 16th, 2016

Hassan Dai, 11 November 2016
Pro-Iran lobby is a coalition of organizations and politicians, led by US corporations and accompanied by an army of pundits and Iran experts that regardless of what Iran is doing, asks the US government to adopt a friendlier policy with Iran and remove sanctions. At the center of this lobby are small Iranian-American organizations that are tied to various factions of the Iranian regime.

Iran lobby under Obama, from pressure group to White House partner

Jun 29th, 2015

A Documentary by Iranian-American Forum

Anniversary of Iran 2009 uprising and Obama’s appeasement of the regime

Jun 3rd, 2015

Iranian American Forum, June 3, 2015
While millions of Iranians were in the streets opposing the regime, Obama ignored this historic moment and continued his outreach to the Iranian rulers. His appeasing attitude was a signal that the US is so eager to reach a nuclear deal and befriend the regime that it would tolerate Mullahs’ brutal repression in Iran and hegemonic policies across the region

How an Iranian misinformation campaign has been adopted and promoted by the Obama administration

Apr 20th, 2015

Hassan Dai, April 2015
Obama administration claims that Iranian nuclear program is supported by vast majority of Iranians and it has become a matter of national pride, therefore, the US can’t force Iran to stop enrichment. This claim is part of Iranian regime’s misinformation campaign that started in 2003 and includes a total ban on opposing the program, jailing the critics, holding state-organized rallies in support of program and fabricating fake public opinion polls in Iran for US audience. Majority of these polls are made by a Tehran-based center tied to security forces. These polls are publicized and promoted by pro-Tehran groups in Washington, many of them are close allies of the Obama administration.

A Bad Time to Be a US Ally

Feb 7th, 2015

Iran Pulse in America- Feb. 7, 2015
In this article, Eli Lake examines President Obama’s 2015 National Security Strategy and its distance to the reality. He calls the White House report “Obama’s Middle East Fantasy”.

Obama policy on Syria set by Iran

May 2nd, 2013

Iranian Forum, May 2, 2013
A reason for Obama’s inaction in Syria and Assad’s braving the redlines is the US illusionary hope to reach a deal with Iran. Hence, Obama respects redlines defined by Iranian regime in Iraq and Syria

Appeasing the Mullahs: Futile and dangerous

Aug 4th, 2012

As the new round of negotiations with Iran approaches, the US administration is sending friendly signals to the Iranian regime to show that the President is sincere in his overture. Barbara Slavin, has detailed several of Obama’s gestures toward the Mullahs. Meanwhile, Martin Indyk, has complained that the Israeli pressure and election year dynamics prevent Obama to reassure Tehran that he is not seeking a regime change