Iran keeps regional policy unchanged

Nov 2nd, 2013



On Saudi Arabia

Iranian regime escalates its rhetoric against Saudi Arabia in parallel with anti-US propaganda. Regime’s news agency broadcasted an Iraqi politician’s assertion today threatening Saudi Arabia. Tasnim has published an interview with Shaker al-Khatibi al-Shaibi, a member of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq on Saturday stating, “All dictators in the region will be swept aside by the wave of Islamic Awakening.. What is going on in the region has originated from the thoughts of the late Imam Khomeini and a continuation of the revolution that he led to victory.”

On Syria

Iran’s cultural minister has announces a joint venture with Syria on launching a new television channel broadcasting for the Middle East. Ali Jannati said in a meeting with Syria’s Minister of Religious Endowments, “We are trying to launch a joint television channel and pursue the two countries’ long-term goals in the unity of Islamic countries via that channel. We must emphasize the Islamic unity issues and proximity of schools of thought in this channel.”

On “Den of Espionage”

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) pushes anti-US rhetoric on the anniversary of storming US embassy 34 years ago. IRGC issued a statement on Saturday on what it calls the National Day against the Global Arrogance and said, “34 years after the takeover of the den of espionage in Tehran, disclosure of the White House’s shameful measures in monitoring telephone calls of top officials and ordinary people of other countries has made the ‘espionage den’ expression stick to US embassies all over the world.”

In the same vein, another statement by Union of Students’ Islamic Associations has denounced any compromise with what it is called “the global arrogance,” a reference to the US. It says, “We, members of the student movement… remind (the politicians) of the need to be aware of deviations (from the revolution’s path) and keep alert in the face of the enemy’s malicious intentions, remembering our late leader, the great Imam Khomeini’s words when he said: Any deed that would please the US – that sworn enemy of Islam – is basically wrong.”

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